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Wild Chrissy 2 (2017)

As the second instalment of Andrej Lupin’s hot two-parter “Wild Chrissy 2” begins, sexy blonde Chrissy Fox is waiting at a snow-swept bus stop, alongside a flirtatious stranger. Chrissy comes in from the cold and lies in front of the fire, stroking her beautiful breasts and shaved pussy, fantasizing about the stranger, Thomas Lee. She sees him go down to eat her juiced-up pussy, his tongue darting up and down her slit and lapping at her clit, spreading her open and pushing inside. He adds a finger, sliding it hard and deep until she orgasms breathlessly. Still fantasizing and masturbating, Chrissy sees herself straddle Thomas’s face, grinding on his tongue as she leans forward to release his long, hard cock from his jeans and stroke it avidly. Thomas eats her from behind, then drives his cock into her, her ass cheeks rippling and breasts jiggling with each thrust. Glistening with sweat, the lovers fuck vigorously, Thomas’s steady strokes catapulting Chrissy headlong into an intense orgasm just as he shoots his load deep inside her pussy – which naturally triggers Chrissy’s real life climax. Gorgeous, horny and uninhibited, “Wild Chrissy” is aptly named for its sexy star.
Постер Wild Chrissy 2
Перевод: Дублированный
Формат: В HDRip
Лучшие фильмы для взрослых (3 место)
Время: 00:24:49
Страна: США

Актеры: Chrissy Fox
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