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Selfie Orgasm 2 (2017)

Sabrisse A, a super-cute Czech brunette with pretty hazel-brown eyes and a natural look, is having fun taking selfies with her camera-phone. She’s dressed in a fluffy white cardigan and floral skirt – so far, so sweet. However, as she splays her thighs we get a flash of her black stocking-tops and garters, and a revealing lace thong. Her photos become more intimate as she caresses herself, unbuttoning the cardigan to expose firm, beautiful breasts capped with perfect, round nipples. It becomes apparent that she is pleasuring herself in front of a large mirror and she props her feet up against it, flaunting her crotch, then she removes her skirt and panties, which leaves her in only the stockings and garters. Grinding her trimmed pussy against the chair, she films her reflection, fingertips ruffling her hairy mound before working between her shaved lips. As she gets closer to cumming she gasps and whimpers, then cries out with pleasure as her fingers circle her clit and plunge in and out of her wet snatch. Even as she comes back down to earth she keeps filming, and the movie ends with a split screen, showing the self-shot erotic footage.
Постер Selfie Orgasm 2
Перевод: Дублированный
Формат: В HDRip
Время: 00:10:15
Страна: США

Актеры: Sabrisse A
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Смотреть Selfie Orgasm 2 (2017) онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве, дублированый перевод на русском языке можно на любом удобном для Вас устройстве, это может быть ПК или мобильный телефон, а так же планшет, айфон и андроид (OK Google).
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