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Casino 45 (2011)

Not all wars are fought in the battlefield... Upon returning from the Second World War, two brothers in arms decide to stop at a brothel to celebrate their homecoming. After years on the front lines, their sexual appetite is more consuming than ever. Tonino, the shyer of the two, is hesitant about the excursion while his American friend Pierre can't constrain his enthusiasm. The plot thickens when Tonino discovers that his beautiful fiance whose picture he has kept through years of battle is the brothel's most prized beauty! This is perhaps Italy's most ambitious adult film ever, shot in 3D, with a cast of Europe's greatest performers. All is fair in love and war, especially at Cathouse '45!
Постер Casino 45
Перевод: Дублированный
Формат: В HDRip
Страна: США

Актеры: Vittoria Risi, Monica Preziosi, Franco Trentalance, Aurora Oliveira, Marika Ferrero, Jan Scott, Leonardo Conti, Belicia, Cindy Dollar, Denis Marti
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