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  5. Придя к ней домой / Coming Home To Her (2018)

Придя к ней домой / Coming Home To Her (2018)

Coming Home To Her
Cute Lara West arrives home with her suitcase but gets no answer when she knocks on the door, as episode one of Alis Locanta’s “Back Home Reloaded” begins. She walks around back to spy sexy brunette Julia Roca sleeping on the couch, looking super-hot in her skimpy dress, one sweet little breast bared. Lara unzips her jeans and slides a hand inside, touching herself. When she sees Julia stir, Lara knocks on the glass; her girlfriend jumps up to let her in, so happy to see her. On the couch they kiss and touch passionately, Julia stripping Lara down to bra and panties, fondling her breasts and sucking her nipples when they slip out of her bra. Lara sits astride Julia’s lap, and her lover squeezes her tits and rubs her pussy inside her lacy panties. They are so hungry for each other, Julia groping Lara avidly, then lying back so Lara can peel off her panties and eat her unshaved pussy. Lara spreads Julia’s hairy lips open and laps at her clit, making her squeal with pleasure. Julia sucks Lara’s diamond-hard nipples and licks her shaved slit voraciously, all the way to a climax, then spins around into a sixty-nine. They drive each other wild with their vigorous licking and stroking, and then move into scissors to grind their wet pussies together for a noisy mutual orgasm.
Постер Придя к ней домой / Coming Home To Her (2018)
Перевод: Английский
Формат: VODRip
Время: 01:11:51
Страна: EU

Актеры: Julia Roca, Briana Banderas, Aruna Aghora, Lara West
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Придя к ней домой / Coming Home To Her (2018) (2018) смотреть онлайн


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